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EPAK accepts grant applications from Ravenswood City School District teachers twice a year. Applications in the Fall are typically due in September while applications in the Winter are typically due in January.

Depending upon funding levels, there may be different positions eligible. Currently classroom teachers, special education teachers, speech therapists, and occupational therapists are eligible to submit a grant application for a maximum amount of $600.

Apply Online Here

Deadlines for the 2014-2015 school year Fall and Spring grant cycles:

  • Fall Grant Application deadline: September 8, 2014
  • Fall Post Project Report deadline: December 19, 2014
  • Spring Grant Application deadline: January 12, 2015
  • Spring Post Project Report deadline: June 12, 2015

Grant Applications must be:

  1. completed online by the deadlines above
  2. contain a clear, concise description of the proposed project
  3. include a detailed proposed budget with specific items and prices

The selection committee will be looking for appropriateness of the request and its ability to support the project's goals. Lists of classroom supplies, organization materials, stickers, rewards, etc. will be denied. The committee will be looking for projects that enhance student learning in the classroom. EPAK does not fund salaries, furniture, food, or school uniforms. Although EPAK recognizes the need for these items in the classroom, they are not what EPAK chooses to fund.

Please deposit checks immediately. If checks are lost, a $30 stop fee will be taken out of the new check. Checks that are not cashed by the report deadline will be cancelled and the recipient will not be eligible for the next grant cycle.

If you have questions about the online application process, please contact Cindy Chin by email or phone 415.812.0800.

Once grant monies are spent, the recipient must still send original receipts, or other proof of expenditures, along with a Post Project Report by the deadline above to qualify for future grants.

Click below for a Post Project Report

Here is an example of a completed form.

Mail the Post Project Report and supporting documentation to:

East Palo Alto Kids Foundation
P.O. Box 50542
Palo Alto, CA 94303
Attn: Post Project Report

In lieu of photos or thank you notes, we appreciate your feedback in a public forum at We would like to raise awareness in the community and share your experiences with existing and potential donors and volunteers.

Requests for changes in use of funds must be in writing (email is accepted) and be pre-approved by an EPAK board member. If receipts are lost, a teacher must show the materials purchased to their principal, program director or EPAK board member, who must write a letter on the teacher's behalf to EPAK stating that the materials were indeed purchased (or field trip taken, etc.). Board members may be reached by email at