photo by Barbara Reid
EPAK Celebrates $1 Million in Grants to Ravenswood Teachers

October 13, 2006

For more information, contact: Tasha CastaƱeda (650) 218-9914

EAST PALO ALTO – East Palo Alto Kids Foundation (EPAK), which provides a variety of grants for literacy, math, science, and the art in the Ravenswood City School District, will hold the first EPAK Day of the school year at the Edison-McNair middle school in East Palo Alto. Donors, supporters of education, parents, volunteers, and the press are all invited to attend. The activities start at 8:30 am at Edison-McNair Academy Library, 2033 Pulgas Ave., East Palo Alto. Learn how donated funds have helped teachers help their students achieve success, get an update about EPAK and its plans for the 2006-07 school year, and see learning in action during a tour of classrooms. We will be celebrating our accomplishments in this high-needs district.

We are particularly proud that since it was founded in 1993, EPAK has awarded more than a MILLION DOLLARS in education grants. EPAK awarded $130,455 in grants to Ravenswood educators during the 2005-06 school year. EPAK has made considerable progress on a Special Project by using EPAK volunteers and a large grant to overhaul the Edison-McNair middle school library.

With an all-volunteer Board of Directors, EPAK believes that all children should have an equal opportunity learn. Children from low-income families, where English is often a second language, face challenges that children in neighboring communities do not. We help bridge the serious educational funding gap between state/local funding and district needs through EPAK grants, giving these children greater opportunity to pursue their hopes and dreams.

For more information about EPAK, please visit For those interested in attending EPAK Day or who have questions, please call Tasha CastaƱeda, president of EPAK, at (650) 218-9914.