educator micro grants
photo by Jennie Little

EPAK provides educational opportunities in two ways. First, we award Educator Micro Grants for up to $600 twice each academic year. Second, through Sponsored Projects we match large donor sponsors to high-impact projects in schools. Grant applications from teachers are evaluated and approved by a committee composed of a strong contingent of teachers and community members who share the belief that all students deserve opportunities to learn and excel. The majority of these "quick turnaround" grants are used to complement basic literacy, math, science and technology curricula, as well as fund music, art, PE and social studies activities.

Both innovation and practicality are evident in the thousands of micro grant applications the EPAK Board has reviewed since 1993. The following activities, many with links to letters from students and teachers, illustrate the range and diversity of how EPAK micro grant monies are used.

Teachers may apply for a grant here.